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Since 1976 the FDA has allowed companies who have created newer versions of existing products to by-pass the standard requirement for testing under the 510(k) provision. So when doctors started using mesh patches for hernia surgeries, they indirectly left the door open for manufacturers to take advantage of the FDA loophole in the creation of pelvic mesh. No clinical testing was done on TVM before it came on the market.

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FDA transvaginal mesh complications warnings went unheeded

The FDA issued its first warning about vaginal mesh surgery in October of 2008, and then released another in 2011. The warnings stated that:

  • Using TVM for Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) was a continuing serious concern
  • Serious complications associated with TVM “are not rare”
  • Mesh used for POP repairs brings with it certain additional risks
  • Having vaginal mesh surgery isn’t a better option, as there is no evidentiary support of this idea

As of January 2012, the FDA mandated that all TVM manufacturers conduct studies on the safety of their products and report those findings back to the FDA.

What the FDA says to do

The FDA offers recommendations for patients who are undergoing or who have undergone a medical procedure to repair POP:

  • Question the surgeon. Ask your surgeon if he/she is planning on using mesh, and if there are alternatives that can be used instead.
  • Keep an eye open. Once your surgery is over, monitor your body and any potential symptoms carefully.
  • Contact the FDA. If you experience any pelvic mesh complications, send pertinent information to the FDA.

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