TVM Litigation in Chicago

Aggressive Chicago Transvaginal Mesh Lawyers Look out for Your Best Interests

Reliable Chicago vaginal mesh attorneys give you the attention you deserve

If the negligence of a person or another entity has caused you to become ill or injured, the state of Illinois gives you a maximum of two years to file a personal injury claim or cause of action (a set of facts that allow you to pursue compensation). The two year time limit is important because many women are afraid to speak with Chicago transvaginal mesh attorneys until it’s officially too late to help.

At the Phillips Law Offices, we understand your concerns. Perhaps you think you need to gather more evidence about your case. Perhaps you think you’re not really entitled to compensation. But if you suffer with the after-effects of a TVM surgery, you may be entitled to monetary relief.

Why you need experienced Chicago vaginal mesh lawyers

In the last few months many companies have offered a vaginal mesh patch recall in response to multiple claims against them. But just because there are multiple claims being filed doesn’t mean that any lawyer can effectively represent you in the case of transvaginal mesh failure. When you seek representation you should look for lawyers with:

  • Peer recommendations
  • Histories of ethical behavior
  • Professional demeanors
  • Willingness to spend time listening to you
  • Experience in the personal injury field — preferably in multiple areas
  • Histories of collaboration with clients

You should be able to trust your lawyer the way you trust any other professional in your life. At the Phillips Law Offices, our AV Rated® attorneys work hard to earn and keep the respect of colleagues and clients every day, all day.

Seeing a difference in your defense

TVM lawsuits are filled with private, intimate details. If you’re holding off on filing a claim because you’re uncomfortable discussing those details, our Chicago transvaginal mesh attorneys can help. We provide our clients with a different kind of care:

  • We’re trustworthy. You may have to answer some uncomfortable questions when you first file suit. Our attorneys speak with you, not at you, to create a relationship built on mutual trust.
  • We’re honest. Sometimes there are hard truths to face in lawsuits. The lawyers at our firm will always speak the plain truth directly and honestly, to help you make good decisions about your case.
  • We’re women. (Okay – some of us are.). TVM lawsuits are sensitive in nature. Our female lawyers will handle your case to help you feel more at ease.

We believe in a standard of excellence. Your case is as important to us as it is to you. Our client-oriented representation lets us serve you the best we can.

Speak with skilled Chicago transvaginal mesh lawyers today

Time is of the essence when you file a personal injury claim. Our lawyers can help you file in a timely manner, so that you can get the relief you need when you need it. Contact the Phillips Law Offices online or at [ln::phone] to schedule a free consultation with one of our products liability attorneys.