Vaginal Mesh Recall

Competent Chicago Attorneys Keep You Up-to-Date on Information About a Vaginal Mesh Recall

Keeping abreast of transvaginal mesh recall news to help serve you better

In January 2012, the FDA sent letters to more than 40 manufacturers of transvaginal mesh patches, asking them to supply additional information about the complications associated with the patches. It appeared as though a pelvic mesh recall would be inevitable. Yet thus far, only a handful of companies have begun taking the steps to recall TVM patches.

At the Phillips Law Offices we keep a thorough watch on the most up-to-date information available. It’s important to us that you know when a company issues a vaginal mesh patch recall. That information could prove vital to your case.

The recall process could be important to you

The purpose of a product recall is to shield consumers from defective products. Recalls are important to cases because they:

  • Determine who is to blame — the doctor or the manufacturer
  • Present evidence of poor testing or poor quality
  • Prove that your case isn’t a random event
  • Force companies to assume accountability

The attorneys at Phillips Law Offices pay attention to the latest updates on pelvic mesh recalls because recall information is part of the important transvaginal mesh lawsuit information we can provide for you.

What you can do if there’s a recall

Knowing that a manufacturer is recalling a product isn’t enough. You can save yourself time and money if you:

  • Take notes. Keep careful track of any side effects you may be experiencing.
  • Do some research. Our firm does an extensive amount of research in the products liability field, but arming yourself with facts about the company may help you during a lawsuit.
  • Seek counsel. Our qualified transvaginal mesh attorneys meet with you one-on-one to discuss what your best course of action is.

Our lawyers have the know-how to help you. We’ve spent years working on products liability cases, and our experience can help you if you choose to pursue compensation.

We keep you informed about the latest product recalls

Just because there hasn’t been an official vaginal mesh recall yet doesn’t mean there isn’t one coming. We have the knowledge to handle your case. Contact Phillips Law Offices in Chicago online or at [ln::phone] for a free consultation with an experienced products liability lawyer.