What Causes Transvaginal Mesh Failure?

Stress incontinence. Bladder infections. Discomfort and pain, particularly with sexual activity. Reparative surgery offers relief from these common pelvic organ prolapse (POP) symptoms. However, for the past decade, doctors have been using surgical mesh to secure dropped organs, via abdominal or transvaginal surgery. Instead of being a medical breakthrough, transvaginal mesh (TVM) failure has caused pain and suffering for thousands of women.

Why is there a higher rate of serious complications with transvaginal mesh? According to medical experts, surgical mesh should never be introduced into the pelvic cavity through the vagina since it will be contaminated by the bacteria normally present there. Erosion, a common TVM complication, is mesh infection with chronic wound breakdown. Infection at the site of the mesh implant ends up damaging adjacent soft tissue or organs, damage that is compounded when women must have the embedded mesh surgically removed in subsequent operations.

Liability in a TVM lawsuit might be assigned to the manufacturer of the mesh product or to the doctor. If you have suffered injuries after a failed TVM implant, speak with experienced Chicago vaginal mesh attorneys about your options for pursuing a lawsuit against the responsible parties.

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